Hip Hop Orchestra Becomes Reality At UMD

8:19 AM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA9) -- Who raps with a viola? University of Maryland Senior David Porter, that who, and it's catching on.

Nora Keller, a freshman at the university, told us, "I was passing someone and I heard 'hip hop orchestra,' and I said 'Hip Hop Orchestra?'"

Sophomore Marcus Moody came up with the idea for the Hip Hop Orchestra. Porter pens the words while Moody arranges the music.

Moody shared, "I used to produce for a friend and he told me to stop making symphonies and make beats, so I was like 'I'm going to make a hip hop orchestra.' It was just a joke and it turned into something real."

Porter told us about the beginning, "That's kind of what Marcus' idea was: 'let's just have a rap about stuff we don't like and then put the accompaniment with it, with the orchestra.'"

So what's the day to day grind about for a college student?

"The lyrics about not liking agressive cops or bad teachers or research papers, parking tickets, which is something that's terrible at Maryland. That's kind of where that came from yea," said Porter.

A horn, bass and drums round out the sound. This creative connection proved to be such a draw that it motivated musicians who hadn't picked up an instrument in years, like freshman Nora Keller.

"The music's not particularly difficult, it's just kind of cool," said Keller.

Cool, creative, and cutting edges. Sounds like a cult following should be coming soon, too.

Porter told us, "That's kind of how this came about, being expressive with Hip Hop, showing that it can merge with any type of music."

"I'm just ready to expose it to the world. This is pretty much going to be the birth of the Hip Hop Orchestra on Maryland Day," said Moody.

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