World Events Since 2008, The Last Time The Wizards Made The Playoffs

1:51 PM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- May 2, 2008. That was the last time the Washington Wizards competed in a playoff game. Several ESPN experts even picked the Wizards to upset LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Been awhile, hasn't it?

The Wizards recent swing of losing has left their reputation slightly damaged. But there were some signs this season which could eventually revitalize their old playoff ways. 

We learned John Wall can shoot. Bradley Beal can become a top-five shooting guard . Martell Webster can lead. Randy Wittman can get a team to buy in. Still, five years of playing golf in Florida and partying in L.A. during the late April month is rather unacceptable. 

Take a glance at what the world looked like in May of 2008 to really understand how long its been since the Wizards were an above average NBA franchise. 

On May 2, 2008 

Robert Griffin, 18, was finishing his final year of high school, hoping he would get a fair chance to earn the starting quarterback job at Baylor. Bryce Harper was a 15-year-old freshman in high school. 

The MTV show Jersey Shore had yet to be conceived. HBO's The Wire series finale took place in March of 2008. 

Twitter had only 6 million users. Today it has an estimated 500 million users. 

George W. Bush was still president. Sarah Palin was still the anonymous governor of Alaska. It was still uncertain if Barack Obama would top Hilary Clinton for the Democratic party bid.  

Google Chrome did not yet exist. Apple was about to release the App Store. The first Android phone wasn't released until October of 2008. 

Lastings Milledge would lead the Nationals (59-102) with 14 homers and 61 RBI. Tim Redding would lead the pitching staff with 120 strike outs. 

Lil Wayne had a Billboard number one song. 

Donovan McNabb was still the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick was a few months away from filing for bankruptcy and beginning his jail sentence for dog fighting. 

Albert Haynesworth was still a Tennessee Titan. Brett Favre was still a Green Bay Packer. 

Tracy McGrady, a Houston Rocket, finished third in the NBA in scoring.

Conan O'Brien was still with NBC, set to take over for Jay Leno in 2009. 

Daniel Tosh, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and many more celebrities were relatively unknown. 

The BP Oil spill was two years away from happening. So was the political faction Tea Party. So were iPad's. 

Tiger Woods was still an angel in the eyes of the public and was a month away from an epic US Open playoff victory over Rocco Mediate. 

Erin Andrews had yet to be stalked. 

I'm sure there's more I missed. Tweet me your funny ones @Mr_KevinJones

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