Rats At Adams Morgan Sushi Restaurant, Sewage at Hyattsville Pizza Hut Among Restaurant Closures

6:32 PM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) Sewage at a Pizza Hut and rats at an Adams Morgan sushi restaurant top this week's WUSA9 Food Alert on restaurant closures for serious health department violations.

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Suspensions include North Sea Carryout on 18th St. NW, Chen's Gourmet on MacArthur Blvd. NW, Jason's Sub in Takoma Park, Bubble Tea Café in Westfield Wheaton Mal, Pizza Hut in Hyattsville and Tis Corner Café in Silver Spring.

All the restaurants passed health department re-inspections and are back in business.

In the heart of Adams Morgan, our Food Alert cameras recorded rat feces on the basement floor in a restaurant known for Asian fusion and sushi.

Prior to our visit, health inspectors cited the restaurant, North Sea Carryout on 18th St. NW, for 20 violations

The manager showed us paperwork proving he'd corrected the certified food safety manager violation, and a tour inside showed no sign of large flies cited by inspectors or the thermometer violations cited in the suspension report.

He said an exterminator is battling the situation, but we found rat droppings in two locations in the restaurant's basement storage area.

We didn't find any violations in the kitchen.

Next to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration campus in Silver Spring, at Tis Corner Café on East West Highway, the manager showed us they'd fixed the closure violation there.

Inspectors cited the café for no hot water, but during our visit, we measured their hot water at over 100 degrees, meeting Maryland code.

Also on East-West Highway, Jason's sub Jason's Sub in Takoma Park was shut down for the same violation of no hot water.

The owner said they didn't realize their pilot light had gone out prior to the inspection and allowed us to check the sub shop/Chinese carryout's hot water temperature.

It passed Maryland code at over 100 degrees.

Inspectors also cited Jason's subs for touching prepared food with their bare hands.

In Wheaton, at Bubble Tea Café at Westfield Wheaton Mall, inspectors ordered another no hot water closure and cited the store for not staffing anyone licensed in food safety.

During out visit a worker showed us a valid food safety license and allowed us to test the water which measured a piping hot 140 degrees.

On Macarthur Blvd NW, Inspectors cited Chen's Gourmet for an infestation of cock roaches in the kitchen and at the front counter.

Inspectors also cited the Chinese carryout for not staffing anyone licensed in safely handling food.

When we visited, workers told us the person who had a food safety license, required to operate a restaurant, had gone shopping.

In Hyattsville on Queens Chapel Road, inspectors cited Pizza Hut saying the restrooms didn't work, sewage was backing up in parking lot, and no one was licensed to manage food safety.

The day we visited, a worker told us the licensed food safety manager had left the building, but the toilets flushed and there was no sign of sewage in the parking lot.

Click here for contact information to complain about health hazards to your local health department:http://www.wusa9.com/news/nation-world/article/239623/381/Contact-Health-Depts-About-Restaurant--Food-Risks





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