Pillow Fight Near Washington Monument Saturday

12:01 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
  • Photo courtesy of Capitol Improv sponsor of Washington, DC Pillow Fight
  • Image courtesy of Pillowfightday.com
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9)--Saturday is International Pillow Fight Day and Washington is one of the cities participating. 

The fight is scheduled to begin at 3pm near the base of the Washington Monument at Constitution Avenue and 17th Street NW.  Then there's talk of moving things to Dupont Circle for a 4pm scrimmage.

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But before you grab your pillow there are some rules according to the organizer's Facebook page:

1) No Down Pillows: Even though down is biodegradable, it makes a mess that is nearly impossible to clean up. Other cities have been fined in the past because of the mess and if that happens to DC, the event will no longer occur. Please don't be the person to spoil it for everyone else!

2) Don't Hit People With Cameras: There will be a lot of fragile equipment out there. If someone has a camera - just avoid hitting them altogether. (unless they specifically ask you for a shot)

3) Hit lightly: If you saw pictures of last year, there were toddlers out there as young as 1 year old! This is an event for everyone so don't hit to hurt participants, hit for fun.

4) Help Clean Up:  We will have trash bags out there to clean up the mess. Before we leave one area we will do a quick clean up job. Don't worry, it goes quickly with everyone helping!

After the fighting has finished, there will be a Pillow Fight After Party at the Cobalt on R Street, NW according to the Facebook page for Capitol Improv, organizers of the DC Pillow Fight.  The After Party will go until 9 pm.

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