Silver Spring Transit Center Contractor Defends Actions

11:14 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9)-- Bryant Foulger, the principal with the firm Foulger-Pratt is giving his side of the story about what has become a failed construction project in Silver Spring. 

The Silver Spring Transit Center is 2 years behind schedule, and has cost Montgomery County resident 112 million dollars.

Last week county officials released the results of a consultant's audit that showed deficiency in construction codes, and shoddy engineering making the structure unsuitable and unsafe. 

Among the problems were cracks in concrete slabs or not enough concrete. The biggest issue was a set of concrete pour strips that were poured without the proper re-enforcing material known as post-tension cables.

Foulger responded to accusation that his firm performed reckless work by saying he did exactly what the county asked him to do.

Foulger said, "The drawings don't show any post tension in those pour strips." He went on to say , " We built those pour strips exactly as they were approved by the county."

Montgomery County's director of General Services, David Dise fired back saying an audit done by a consulting company called KCE indicated "Foulger-Pratt poured without the proper post tension cables or re-enforcement."

The lack of re-enforcement means the structure would be unsafe for the weight of buses that would be on top of it, and it would eventually crumble possibly injuring or killing people.

The finger pointing on Thursday was at an all time high. No one took responsibility for the costly mistake, but both sides did agree someone dropped the ball. Now they want to find out where that failure happened and how it happened.

Dise said , "thats what we are trying to determine", about figuring out where the blame lies.

Its unclear what the fix will cost or how long it will take, but both sides are committing to finishing the project and hopefully preventing this from becoming a major law suit.

Foulger said, "Job 1 is to get this thing open for the benefit of the public and Montgomery County."

Dise echoed those sentiments saying, "we are committed to getting it fixed. We're in the process of getting the design team to design a solution."



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