SCOTUS Line Place Holders Cash In

10:17 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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U.S. Supreme Court (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9)-- Starting Tuesday the Supreme Court of The United States will begin hearing oral arguments in the debate over gay marriage rights.

It's wildly popular debate and the line outside the SCOTUS of people wanting a front row seat is growing. However, not all in line are doing it for themselves many are getting paid to do so. They are called "Place Holders".

"Dwayne" is one of the place holders and said ,"According to the economy right now this is better than not doing nothing."

He is out of work he says and had no qualms with waiting in line in the cold, wet elements for some side cash. He said "we are in a country right now where it's a privilege to have a job, so this is a little hustle coming through."

Although he didn't tell us how much he was making, other place holders said the gig pays between 10-36 dollars an hours.

Ashley Miller, a South Carolina native who came to the nation's capital to witness the arguments and stand in line for herself, the people who pay place holder have deep pockets that she can't compete with.

She said mostly those paying are "congressman, lawyers who aren't a member of the bar. The bar right now is almost entirely of paid people who are the line for lawyers."

Miller tells us she has a bone to pick not with the people cashing in but those paying the money for place holders.

Miller added , "they should be standing out here with me, and if they can't come stand out in the rain then they shouldn't get to go in."

The forecast in Washington leading up to the start of the oral arguments will remain cold and wet.

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