Caleb A. Gordley Shot and Killed in Loudon County shooting by neighbor

12:01 AM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Teen Shot, Killed In Loudoun County

Video: New information on teen killed by homeowner

Family, of the teen who was killed in a home invasion incident, speaks to media.
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  • STERLING,VA (WUSA-9)--- The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Thursday released new details of what it believes happened early Sunday morning here when a teenager was shot and killed after,apparently mistakenly, breaking into the home of a neighbor, believing that he was sneaking into his own home, two doors away.

    Sixteen-year-old Caleb Gordley has been grounded by his father when he sneaked out of his home to attend a party where he apparently consumed enough alcohol to become confused.

    The Sheriff's Department statement says the young man triggered a security alarm when he entered his neighbor's home through a window in the back of the home.

    The homeowner grabbed a pistol and confronted Gordley on the home's interior staircase.

    The statement cites the homeowner as saying he fired a warning shot and yelled at Caleb to stop and says the homeowner fired again after the young man brushed by him, walking toward bedrooms inhabited by family members of the homeowner.

    The statement says the homeowner fired several more times, striking Gordley once, killing him.

    "When the shots were fired, I have every reason to conclude that he (Caleb) probably thought it was me yelling at him. He had no reason to fear at that moment because it was me," said Caleb's father Shawn Gordley, as he stood outside an Elks Club where hundreds of visitors Thursday evening took part in what they called a celebration of Caleb's life.

    As for the homeowner who shot his son, Shawn Gordley said "I definitely don't blame him. I know he was trying to protect his family. I forgive him. His mother forgives him."

    No charges have been filed against the homeowner, but the investigation is not yet complete.

    Neither, says the sheriff, is the investigation into what person or persons provided Caleb with the alcohol that, apparently, caused his confusion and resulting death.

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