TSA: Woman's Cane Had Sword In It -- Without Her Knowledge

11:13 AM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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STERLING, Va. (WUSA) -- TSA says that on Monday morning, officers spotted something strange inside a walking cane while passing through a check point x-ray machine at Washington Dulles International Airport. According to TSA officials, a woman had come through the checkpoint with the cane. The knob of the cane unscrewed, revealing the sword, say officials.

TSA officials say the officials called the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police at the airport. 

They added that the woman was allowed to catch her flight to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport without the cane. They say that the woman had bought the cane at an antique store and didn't realize that the cane had a sword inside of it.

TSA says finding a sword-cane is not uncommon. Officials say most people with these canes, which can be found at flea markets and antique shops, don't realize anything is inside. TSA officials recommend that people with canes try to screw off the handle before bringing it to the airport. Doing so, could prevent you from being cited, fined or arrested in some jurisdictions.

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