Sequester Effects On Two Federal Worker Families

8:09 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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LEXINGTON PARK, Md.  (WUSA) - Bob and Julie Thompson just got married in January. They have a comfortable life in Southern Maryland with their two dogs and extended family nearby.
They met at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, which is where they both work. Bob evaluates new equipment for the Navy and Marine Corp and Julie works in financial management tracking expenditures.

With two incomes, they're able to help out their struggling grown children, and Julie's mother, who lives with them. But not if they're both furloughed one day a week for ten months, as they've been told to expect.

"It's going to hurt us, but there are other people who rely on us," said Bob Thompson.

"We won't' be taking any vacation in the summer or doing much of anything. Because 20 percent of your income is a big chunk, with both of us getting hit," said Julie.

They feel like federal workers have already suffered.

"We haven't seen a cost of living increase in 4-5 years. Nobody is making a killing working for the government," said Bob.

Bob travels a lot for his job and says he's already seen the affects of the coming cutbacks across the country.

"I see a reduction in motels, rental car agencies. Those types of things. They talk about this as being reduced. I've seen fewer people at airports with all the travel restrictions," said Bob.

The Thompsons say they won't be able to save as much, will start driving one car to work and will cut back on groceries.

"I hear this from everybody. Everybody's cutting back. That's less money being spent and it all trickles down. We'll see what 'll happens," said Bob.

They can't help but wonder how all the cutting back will affect the economy.


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