Daijah Price Tried To Save Her Father, Went Back Into Burning Glenarden Home

8:40 PM, Feb 23, 2013   |    comments
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UPDATE: A fund has been set up for the family. It is a Capital One Bank fund under the name Theresa Myles.

GLENARDEN, Md. (WUSA9) -- A fourth victim, another child, has died from that Glenarden Maryland fire this week.

Eleven-year-old Daijah Price died Friday night, at the hospital after Thursday's fire that had already claimed her father and her two younger sisters.

The 33-year-old mother was released from the hospital on Saturday, who in an instant lost her common-law-husband, her 8-year-old twin daughter and her 4-year-old daughter. And on Friday, she had to say good bye to her third and eldest child, 11-year-old Daijah Price.

"Daijah's not here, the babies are gone, it's just a lot," Denise Jackson said.

Denise Jackson is a family relative who grew up with the children's father, Darrell Price.

She remembers the girls and says Daijah ran back into the burning home to save her family.

"She went back in the home to help her daddy."

Then, there's the 8-year-old twin T'ania.

"The twins we called them pinkie and peaches."

And the youngest, 4-year-old Patrice.

"She was a sweetheart. She was a ball of fun. She's the boss."

It's an unimaginable pain for one parent to bear. The mother lost her partner in life and her three sweet daughters.

"You can't imagine. Nobody can know what Teresa is going through. Where do you go when you lose so many people at one time?"

The fire ripped through the home around 4 a.m. on Thursday in the 8600 block of Leslie Avenue in Glenarden. The mother and 8-year-old twin jumped through a window. The others were trapped inside.

The father tried everything he could to save them all.

"We just commend him for being the hero that he was, trying to save his kids."

By the time firefighters pulled them out, they had no pulse, and all had to be given CPR. Paramedics revived Daijah but the smoke was too much for her and she passed away in the hospital on Friday.

Now the family is having to arrange funerals for four people. The family is also in the process of setting up a memorial fund.

The cause of the fire has been determined to be an accidental electrical problem. The house had no smoke detector.

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