I-495 Express Lanes Is Not Inviting To Some Drivers, According To Survey

7:08 AM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- As traffic continues to pick up Wednesday morning, many of you will be taking the 495 Express Lanes. 

The opening of the 495 Express Lanes in Virginia was chaotic. The very first Monday were four crashes at the Springfield entrance. There were several near-misses that day. 

The Express Lanes team wanted to know drivers first impressions of the road. It surveyed 1700 people about their experiences and why they use the Express Lanes.

  • 71 percent said they use it to be on time
  • 45 percent said they want to avoid all of that congestion the Beltway is known for.
  • 22 percent said they just want a reliable trip.

Some drivers still refuse to use the 14 mile stretch of road. They say they would rather sit in traffic.

An Express Lanes team's survey found 41% of drivers they won't use the lanes because they are confusing to get on while 46% say getting off seems like the problem, and haven't tried the lanes.

We're doing our own informal survey and want to know your experience. Let Monika Samtani know about your experiences with the Express Lanes at http://facebook.com/monikasamtanitv.

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