PETITION: Should Congress Be Penalized If Federal Workers are Furloughed Due to Sequestration?

5:30 AM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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Do you think Congress should take a pay cut or be furloughed if and when Federal Workers take furloughs?  One WUSA 9 viewer has suggested that Congress "get a taste of their own medicine." Send Congress your thoughts on the issue in this petition (full petition and story below):




We've all been following the sequestration driven furloughs because it will impact our region more heavily than most. One WUSA 9 viewer has suggested that Congress "get a taste of their own medicine." 

Unless Congress acts by March 1st, "sequestration" - a series of automatic, across-the-board cuts - will take effect. 

While some federal spending cuts were made as part of the deal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff at the beginning of the year, Congress must once again consider whether to take action to reduce the deficit or allow the deep, automatic cuts. 

The Office of Management and Budget indicates that "there's no way to implement the sequester without significant furloughs of hundreds of thousands of federal employees." 

Some have suggested that if federal workers are furloughed because of those automatic cuts, Members of Congress should also be furloughed one day each week or not receive pay until they come to a decision on cutting federal spending and reducing the deficit. 

By supporting, you'll be telling Congress that should the automatic cuts occur, and federal workers are furloughed, then Members of Congress too should be furloughed or not receive pay. By opposing, you'll be telling Congress that you oppose furloughs or pay cuts for Members of Congress.



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