Dayvon Green Bought Guns Despite Mental Illness

2:07 AM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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Victim being wheeled to ambulance following shooting at College Park home

(WUSA) -- Dayvon Green was a brilliant engineering University of Maryland grad student who was mentally ill and still bought guns legally.

He bought a 9mm handgun legally last year and just a month ago legally purchased an UZI assault style pistol. He had both weapons with him when he lit fires, killed one roommate, wounded another, and then turned the 9mm on himself.

In Maryland, only people who have been committed to a state hospital for 30 days or more, or a judge rules are incompetent, or not criminally responsible, are reported to the gun database.

Thousands of others treated by their own doctors for major mental illnesses are never reported to gun licensing authorities, apparently Dayvon Green was among them.

Deputy Maryland Health Secretary Dr. Gayle Jordan-Randolph is serving on a governor's task force on this issue, which is recommending change.

"To report people that have civilly committed to any to any psychiatric hospital and found to be dangerous," she said.

Meanwhile, the University of maryland was largely powerless. Despite an online system called BETA, for students with disturbing behavior or other potential threats, Green had not been put on the schools radar.

And though weapon possession on campus is illegal, Green lived with his roommates off campus where no rule prohibits students from having guns.

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