Redskins should change their name

12:27 AM, Feb 9, 2013   |    comments
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If we were naming our football team today... Clearly no one would even consider a name like Redskins because it would be offensive. 

So then why do so many of us Washingtonians hold on so tightly to a name born in a time when few cared about such things? 

I've said it before...its probably always a bad idea to name a sports team after living breathing ethnic group even if the intent is honorable.... and lets be real--does the name Redskins really sound like its honoring anyone? 

I once had a conversation with a Native American who spoke so passionately about how hurtful that name is...that at the end of it I felt I needed to apologize for even being a fan. 

But that was years ago...and like many of you...I put my unease aside to root for the team that I grew up with. And wasn't this past season just a glorious ride? 

But that got me to thinking--is it right to have so much fun with something others find so painful? 

Look I love the Redskins...and I will miss the name... Traditions die hard. 

But at a time when being a Washington football fan just got to be fun again...shouldn't our favorite team have a name that everyone can feel that good about? 

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