What The US Airways - American Airlines Merger Could Mean For You

8:50 AM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- US Airways and American Airlines are potentially on the verge of a merger to create the world's biggest airline, so you may be wondering what this deal could mean for you and your next flight.

Will fares rise? The WSJ predicts -- in the long term -- probably. As the industry consolidates -- the airlines pick up more pricing power.If this deal goes through -- since 2001 -- mergers will have turned 10 airlines into four.

You may also be wondering about your frequent-flier miles and other perks. In the past, consumers have been able to retain everything they have earned. What could happen is that US Airways fliers would be able to transfer their miles to American's Advantage program. If you have accounts on both, you would be able to combine them. But there's also the possibility that the value of some of those miles could be reduced as the airlines work out new policies.

US Airways is currently the biggest carrier out of Reagan National.
That could be affected, but probably won't be any time soon. This deal is aimed at getting bigger -- not at trimming service at hubs.

There is still a chance that this deal won't happen too.  AMR could back out and work through bankruptcy on its own or the bankruptcy judge and the Justice Department could have problems with the merger.

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