Gun Rights Activists Propose Teachers' Shooting Training

7:16 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - George Lyon was a plaintiff in the Heller case in which the Supreme Court lifted D.C's ban on handguns. He's a gun owner and activist and now part of a community group that has a plan to make schools safer...a plan that involves guns.

"I want to have teachers who are willing to stand as the last line of defense," said Lyon.

The "Proposal for School Shield Officers" calls for, on a voluntary basis, school staff to undergo graining designed and supervised by the Metropolitan Police Department. Those trained teachers and staff would be sworn as D.C. Reserve Police Officers and be issued firearms. The guns would be kept in a locked, biometric safes that only open for those with a fingerprint match. That, Lyon says, will keep the guns from getting in the wrong hands.

Lyon recalls the Columbine shootings in 1999 and the Beslan school siege in Russia when at least 334 hostages were killed, including 186 children. Lyon says, now with the Sandy Hook tragedy, there's a growing need for more defense in schools.

In the Columbine shootings, "The officer was outside at Columbine when the attack happened. There were two shooters. He did engage one but in the meantime, the other shooter was free to do what he wanted to," said Lyon.

Lyon says active shooters have now learned to first engage the school resource officer.

"Once he's out of the picture, they have essentially a gun free zone, or a fertile killing field," said Lyon.

He says the teachers or staff members who sign up would also go through psychological screening. The question is, would any teachers want to do this? At Sandy Hook, teachers did their best to save children... And some lost their own lives doing so.

"Unfortunately, they had no tool to stop the attack," said Lyon.

He believe terrorists watched our reaction to Sandy Hook and may be planning something like Beslan.

"Do you doubt for a second that if they could pull off a similar attack that they would not do it? That scares me," Lyon said.

George Lyon just submitted the plan for safer D.C. Schools to the city this week. The mayor's spokesman, Pedro Ribeiro blasted the idea calling 'mind boggling' and said, the last thing we need is more guns in school.

He said an urban setting is entirely different from some rural states. He said, here in DC, police can respond to a situation within minutes.
But, he said they're happy to look at the proposal.

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