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6:03 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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February Almanac

For those of you that are counting down the days to the vernal equinox you will be pleased to know that average highs and lows start going back up in February. The average high and low on the first is forty three and twenty seven. By the end of the month the average high jumps to fifty ! The average low jumps above the freezing mark to thirty three. Before we plan our late February trip to the beach we need to remember that we average more snow in February than we do in March. On average Downtown sees a bit over six inches while the suburbs average a bit over seven inches. We have been as warm as eighty four on the twenty fifth in 1930 and as cold as fifteen below (our all time record low) on the eleventh way back in 1899. In terms of melted precipitation we average under three inches for the month. April is the only other month that we average under three inches of rainfall. (melted precipitation) Note: We have never recorded an eighty degree reading in December or January but we have in February.


We have a new moon on Monday the eleventh and a full moon on Tuesday the twenty sixth of the month. This month's full moon is called the Full Snow Moon because snow was at its deepest and hunting was at its most difficult. Venus will no longer be visible in the morning sky and Mars will no longer be visible in the evening sky but Jupiter will be very bright to the east I the evening sky. With binoculars you could see Uranus and the crescent moon on the sixteenth.


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