NFL Coaches and Brothers John And Jim Harbaugh Say They Could Envision Working Together One Day

5:20 PM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - John and Jim Harbaugh have received plenty of attention as opposing head coaches in the Super Bowl.

At their joint news conference Friday, someone asked the brothers if they could work together if either should be forced out of their current post.

John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, said, "There's no question about it." He said the brothers discussed the possibility in the past, but "it never really worked out, timing-wise."

He said he would work for Jim, or hire Jim.

Jim Harbaugh says he would also enjoy working with his brother.

Jim's son, Jay, currently works for John as a coaching intern with the Ravens.

John and Jim Harbaugh will be on opposite sidelines Sunday. After the news conference, both coaches posed for pictures with their parents and grandfather.

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