Beth Cawood, Maryland shooting enthusiast, worries that 'right to bear arms' could be limited

11:20 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WUSA) -- Gun owners at the Maryland Small Arms Range in Upper Marlboro are anxiously awaiting the details of president Obama's executive order restricting guns.

The White House has announced the President will unveil his plan on Wednesday.

Gun owners we spoke to say they fear their 2nd amendment rights will change once Obama's executive order takes effect.

Beth Cawood, a regular and shooting enthusiast at MSAR, said, "I'm concerned that our right to bear arms is going to be limited...that its going to be infringed upon."

She believes the focus needs to be put not into more restrictions for gun owners but rather into understanding the minds of crazed killers who decide to take on murderous rampages like we've seen lately.

She added, "I think we need mechanisms to address mental health concerns."

Like her many, gun owners say as long as there are ill willed people wanting to harm others then law abiding citizens need to be able to protect themselves.

Cawood said, "I always say my rifles are not assault rifles. They are defense rifles."

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