Debate on Gun Control Continues on One-month Anniversary of Newtown Massacre

11:22 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON , D.C. (WUSA/AP) - The President is expected to release a roadmap on curbing gun violence, one month after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. He could face political bumps in the road. 

Project End Gun Violence held a candlelight vigil to remember the twenty-seven victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. They also took it as a time to join in on the national debate on gun control.

"It's a debate that needs to be on banning immediate assault weapons and more stringent regulations on the purchase of firearms," said group founder Eddie Wenigart.

On the other hand, the Second Amendment Foundation criticizes the Obama administration's record on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, telling 9News, "We need to get more criminal and mental health data into the gun check data base."

The Virginia Citizens Defense League also released a statement saying the group "believes that gun control is not the answer, but the problem... An armed teacher or administrator may well have stopped the massacre before it even started."

Vice President Joe Biden is believed to recommend to Mr. Obama holding tougher penalties for people who lie on background checks, elevating gun trafficking to a felony charge and ending limits that make it harder for the federal government to research gun violence.

The president's proposals are expected to include steps for improving school safety and mental health care, as well as thoughts on addressing violence in entertainment and video games. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) predicts a ban might win Senate approval but doubts it could pass in the Republican-led House. 

The Sandy Hook Promise, made up of the parents of the victims, hopes talks at the national debate continue and lead to change. 

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