Vulture Dispersal Needed In Leesburg, Va., where 200 Vultures Are Roosting

6:10 PM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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LEESBURG,  Va. (WUSA) -  In a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film 'The Birds,' a Leesburg neighborhood is anxiously awaiting relief from the 200 vultures who have roosted there.

The birds leave their droppings on buildings, in yards and on cars, and can even damage homes by picking away at roofing materials.

Andrea McCarren reports from Leesburg that the USDA's Wildlife Service is working on a possible solution.

With blasts that sound like fireworks, the Wildlife Service is hoping the vultures of Leesburg will move on. And so are the residents.

"They're dirty. They're multiplying in incredible numbers, it's very strange to look out your window and see birds circling over your house and even stranger to see trees with birds roosting in them and not thinking of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, 'The Birds,' said Leesburg resident Marita Martin.

The birds have become an unwelcome visitor in Leesburg, where a flock of about 50 became a pesky group of 200.

"There'd be a lot more dead animals lying on the ground if it weren't for the vultures. We got a lot of vultures because we got a lot of food for the vultures. I don't know what would happen with all those dead animals on the ground. It would be a health hazard so I'm glad that they're scaring them," said Scott Martin, a Leesburg resident.

If this effort works, the question then is where the vultures will move next.

The USDA will be using noisemakers and lights every evening through Friday in an effort to scare away the vultures.

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