Cool Schools: Hammond High School

7:31 AM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBIA, Md. (WUSA) --When you think of an NFL   cheerleader, you may think glamorous, but does the word scientist come to mind too?

There's a reason why it should, we found an organization that has a lot of people cheering for science these days.

They have one of the most glamorous jobs in sports performing in front of a national audience on TV, but the messages these NFL and NBA cheerleaders are sharing at Hammond High School are only partially about their time in the bright lights.

Cheering is a part-time job, their full-tim occupations are in science! Talemesha has cheered for the Ravens and Redsksins, and has her PHD in Cellular Molecular Medicine.

"When you have an advanced degree you can chart your own path, you can figure out what you want to do with your life and create a position for yourself," explained Talemesha.

Teleza is also a Redskins Cheerleader. She's on track to becoming a pediatric oncologist.

"When someone meets me and they know that I cheer for the Redskins and they say what else to you do, and I say I'm in school seeking my degree in biology and chemistry, and they're like OH," Teleza said.

As they share their stories, they are smashing the sterotypes and becoming role models at the same time. That's what the non-profit, Science Cheerleaders, is all about.

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