Caron Martinez, American University teacher, marches on Capitol Hill headquarters of NRA

6:51 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Three days after the second worst school shooting in American history, nearly 200 people marched to the NRA's Capitol Hill headquarters while chanting, "Shame on the NRA! Shame on the NRA!"

" I'm here because I'm tired of lighting candles and crying and praying for victims of violent crime. I want to do something," said Caron Martinez, a teacher at American University.

Martinez and the other protesters want to ban the sale of assault rifles to private citizens. But near the end of their march, they heard someone shouting, "Arm the teachers! Arm the principals," from an office building adjacent to the NRA.

That person was promptly booed by the protesters, but he still comes outside to defend his view.

"The truth is if there had been one teacher or one principal armed, with one shot she could have saved dozens of children," said Larry Ward, a gun rights activist from Virginia. "Perhaps the answer is to allow teachers and principals and other people to defend themselves."

"I cannot believe that guns for everyone is a solution," said Martinez. "It's just unacceptable when you see the faces of these beautiful children and these dedicated teachers. Shame on all of us if we are not doing something about it."

No one with the NRA came outside to meet with the protesters, nor did they reply to our requests for an interview.

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