Let's Be Real: Burgundy and Gold and Hope and Change

11:35 PM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON,D.C. (WUSA) - Even with the injury to Robert Griffin the Third, Redskins fans are feeling pretty good right now following Sunday's tenacious triumph over our neighbors to the North.

 Because even though we now recognize the weight of our whole season literally hangs by a tiny straining ligament in the knee of the Redskins' best player, and we also know that just a month ago, the team was 3 and 6, and fans were getting that familiar, sickening, here we go again feeling---this time, the Redskins went somewhere new.

And I'm telling you that as a fan, I am not used to this. A team that wins close games that might have easily been lost, with two dominant rookies somehow making up for some big holes on defense? A team that never gets down..even when the QB savior goes down? Who are these guys? Surely not the team that ESPN the magazine predicted would go 2 and 14 on the year, or the pushovers CBS sports.com reporter Pete Prisco thought would win only 3 games, never scorinig more than than 21 points in any of them.

You guys can eat your low expectations. Only thing is: You keep pulling off miracles every week, and I'm liable to lose my hard-won Redskins cynicism.. After all, it's hard to be cynical when the team you root for has so obviously latched on to hope. 

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