Is Black Friday Really The Best Day To Shop? Some Sites Offer Better Deals After The Crowds Fade

11:29 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON,D.C. (WUSA) -  Another Black Friday has come to an end. Was it worth all the crowds and the hype? We hit the Target in Columbia Heights armed with "apps" to see once and for all, who's winning the battle between shopper and store. The first person we met, Nick Sanchez. He's in Black Friday's corner, "Black Friday are probably the best prices we'll find anywhere."

Sanchez was looking for an X-Box 360 250GB Value Bundle. We used "Red Laser" to check for the lowest price. The app scanned the barcode and checked thousands of stores' prices. In moments, the app came back with Target as having the lowest price at $249. Sanchez was happy, " Yeah, that way I can spend money on other things not just this!"

With Nick satisfied, we move on to camera-shy yet TV-buying Luam. She was interested in a LG 32" LED 720p 60 Hz LCD TV. Red Laser told us Target, once again, had the lowest price. We reached for a second opinion, and tapped on an app called Decide. "This one tracks prices over time, and lets you know if NOW's the right time to buy. The bar code scan didn't work, so we typed it in. The app confirmed that yes, today was the day to buy.

Last, we met Derek and Toconya Slocum, and their three grandchildren. Kaliya's turning 7 and she has an eye on a Barbie. We scanned her gift's barcode and the scan didn't work. We could have typed it in, but some things you just can't put a price on. says Black Friday is really only a deal if you are buying electronics. You can also get good deals on electronics on November, 26th and December 14-17. For other items, it's not the day to buy. The site lists the best days to buy several types of gifts:


November 26th and December 15-22.


November 26th and December 17-25..


Try November 26th through December 7th.

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