WalMart Employees Protest In Landover Hills, Md., for Wage Increases, Better Treatment

7:05 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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LANDOVER HILLS,  Md. (WUSA) - The scene played out in cities all over the country at WalMart stores.

Workers walked off the job, protesting low wages and poor treatment.

"We want respect. We want a living wage," said Cynthia Nelson.

She has worked for the Walmart in Laurel since 1985.

She joined her fellow employees, protesting in Landover Hills on Friday. 

Nelson says some employees who speak out about their working conditions are fired.

The protesters' demands include a minimum wage of $13 an hour.
Greg Fletcher has been working at a Los Angeles store for six years and makes just $10.70 an hour.

"Unfortunately for my wife and two kids, we can't afford the benefits package from Walmart. If we bought it, we couldn't afford a roof over our heads, so it's frustrating," he said.

Workers are also upset because they had to work on Thanksgiving so shoppers could cash in on early sales.

But Walmart says shoppers asked for the extra hours.
A Walmart spokesman called the protests a union publicity-stunt, and said many of the demonstrators don't even work at Walmart.

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