Young Shoppers Tackle Black Friday Sales At Tysons Corner, Va., Mall

10:54 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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MCLEAN, Va. (WUSA) -- 9 News wanted to get the perspective of our young shoppers to find out how they survived or thrived on Black Friday.

The crowds, the shops and kids in the Disney store kept 9-year-old Anika Hauser wide- eyed and excited about shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

"It's kind of fun, look at the Minnie Mouses!" she said.

She doesn't stop in one place for too long. "I want to go to the other side."

But all this running around among the crowds made 10- year-old Tommy Waltz nervous.

"I'm scared someone is going to kidnap me," he said.

Still, he's determined to discover the deals

"Games and Legos," he said.

It might surprise you: the young are savvy shoppers too, looking for the best bargains.

Waltz said, "Low prices are really fun. You don't have to bring all your money, you can bring half of it ."

Shoes at Footlocker weren't cutting it for 9-year-old Armaan Arora.

"It cost a lot."

So on to the next store.

But we noticed as soon as mom and dad wanted to shop, it seemed as if all the energy was sucked right out of the kids.

Waltz, "I'm really bored, I feel like sittng down. My legs are tired."

That's when dad resorts to a little enticement

"Cinnabons and soda."

Bribery can only last so long.

"It buys me 30 minutes."

Boredom, exhaustion or being downright fed up, are signs of a tired child ready to call it quits.

But in the toy stores, you'll find a kid just like Anika who wants to keep on shopping.
"Look at all these Barbies. Ariel, she's so cute. So pretty. Okay, let's go."

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