Let's Be Real: Indigestion

4:21 PM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Once the Redskins take the field against the Cowboys tomorrow, Redskins fans will be focused on the game, and may even forget about their turkey and dressing. But if only all of our memories could be so easily repressed.

I'm talking about memories from Thanksgiving Day...1974. I'm 15 years old and literally sitting down for dinner at Grandma's when a very different Redskins team paid a visit to Texas stadium.

For one thing, back then the Redskins, led by coach George Allen, were actually pretty good. They were 8-and-3 while the Cowpokes were 6-and-5 and struggling.

And what's more, near the start of the second half, legendary Cowboy quarterback Roger Staubach was knocked out of the game with a big hit. His replacement: an unknown named Clint Longley. Skins up 16 to 3.

So let's be real, this thing is done. I'm eating turkey and talking trash to my younger cousin, the Cowboy fan. It doesn't get much better than that, but it could, and did, get a lot worse.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter: Redskins hanging on to a 23-17 lead. Cowboys have the ball at the 50 when somehow Cowboy receiver Drew Pearson gets behind everyone for a game-winning heartbreaking touchdown.

And for Skins fans that Thanksgiving would forever be Black Thursday. We were sick. Four decades later, memories fade and pain recedes, but you know, guys, RG3 and the rest of you, if you could figure a way to have the Cowboy fans choking on their turkey and giblets this time around, I'd be good with that.

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