Pets Of The Week: Jules and Donny

11:10 AM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- Washington Animal Rescue League has TWO pets of the week this week.

WARL says Dashing Donny and Queen Bee Jules found themselves at the Washington Animal Rescue League when the person with whom they shared their lives passed away. The seven-year-old felines are not only striking in appearance, but rich in personality...and extremely people-centered.

Donny, a long-haired, Maine Coon mix prefers to drink his water from a cupped bear-paw rather than a bowl like a common cat. (Beware, his drinking antics could be the next big viral Youtube video.) Maine Coons are known as gentle giants, and Donny is definitely that. He loves to be brushed and tends to follow Jules' lead in all things.

Jules, a pleasingly plump, black Exotic Shorthair mix, prefers whatever she prefers at the moment, usually a soft place within sight of a person of her choosing. She is loyal and cat-the textbook description of the Exotic Shorthair cat-with the voice of a somewhat hoarse Siamese.

Despite their differences in appearance and personality, Jules and Donny-like salt and pepper-go together. If you would like to be introduced to this special pair, please contact Natalie Kahla at

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