Maryland Terps Consider Switch To The Big 10

9:11 PM, Nov 18, 2012   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- The first time I heard about the rumors of Maryland leaving the ACC to join the Big 10 was Friday night while I was covering the basketball team play LIU Brooklyn. My initial thought was, this is clearly just a rumor and there's no way Maryland would consider this. But by Saturday night, it was confirmed that Maryland was considering making switching conferences.

If this is strictly a profit move, I could not be more disappointed with the athletic department. Sure, you'd get more money if you join the Big 10, but I think you'd lose a portion of you fan base and the ticket sales that go with them. If this is a move to make Maryland a football-first college, than this move is misguided. No matter what you do, Maryland is and will always be a basketball school first.

Let's be honest. Football was synonyms with most of the other Maryland sports, that don't really garner much media attention, before Ralph Freidgen arrived. He made the students and the community care about that program. Despite the progress that has been made since then, Maryland will always be known as a basketball program. It has more history. Even before the great Lefty Driesell, the amazing Len Bias, and the beloved Gary Williams, the Terps have had success on the court. A move to the Big 10 wouldn't ruin the basketball program entirely.

In fact, they'll probably still have a good shot make the NCAA tourney. However, no matter the team's record, fans come out and watch the Terps play big ACC matchups. Comcast Center's atmosphere when Duke or UNC comes to College Park is incomparable. Hell, I don't have to tell you how crazy the city gets after a big win. A court case surrounding a Route One riot in 2010 just came to a settlement a few weeks ago. The fans are passionate about these games, and you're asking them to just get over it?

And if my opinion does not sway you, how about what these guys think:

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