Americans Are Speaking Out Against The Fiscal Cliff

8:39 AM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- President Obama meets Friday at the White House with Congressional leaders about the Fiscal Cliff, a package of spending cuts and tax hikes that will hit all of us in the new year if lawmakers don't act to avert it.

Americans are demanding that Congress act quickly. Rachna Choudhry, Co-Founder of POPVOX, has be tracking citizens' letter to Congress. On the issue of sequestration, 26% of letters are in support of the cuts, 74% are opposed. The Middle Class Tax Cut Act is also trending on POPVOX. The bill would extend tax cuts for middle class families and end Bush-era tax cuts for households making over $250,000. 81% of letter writers support the act, 19% are opposed to it.

A quote against the Act: HoosierPatriot writes "The Senate has refused to pass a budget in the last four years. NOT ONE MORE DIME until the budget is developed and addressed."









Two quotes in support: PoliticalMoesel writes "The middle class is getting squeezed enough."  Sagard says "If you don't vote for this bill, I won't vote for you."

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