Bowie State Murder Trial: Alexis Simpson NOT GUILTY Murdering Dominique Frazier

11:25 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Bowie State Murder Trial: Defendant Takes Stand

Video: Bowie State Murder Trial: Not Guilty On All 7 Counts

  • Alexis Simpson testified that she was being bullied by her roommate, Dominique Frazier.
  • Alexis Simpson, accused of fatally stabbing her college roommate was found not guilty on all seven counts.

BOWIE, Md. (WUSA) -- In a surprising verdict to many, the woman accused of stabbing her college roommate to death, was found not guilty on all seven counts. 

Defense attorneys wanted the first murder charge to be reduced to involuntary manslaughter, because "what happened was in self-defense," they said.

Alexis Simpson, the defendant, took the stand in the Bowie State University murder trial on Thursday, where a woman is accused of stabbing and killing her roommate, back in September of 2011.

Simpson sobbed when the verdict was read, and outside the courtroom, her friends and family rejoiced. "We never doubted it because we know our friend," said one. "Truth prevailed throughout all of this."

The jury took about three hours to deliver a not guilty verdict.

Angela Alsobrooks, Prince George's County States Attorney, said on Thursday night, "We are very disappointed tonight...there are no winners tonight. This is a very sad case. It has been through the duration."

Defense attorney Christopher Griffiths said of Simpson, "Her emotions were very genuine. She is tremendously remorseful for this incident."

Simpson testified that she was being bullied by her roommate, Dominique Frazier, during her testimony in a Prince George's County courtroom.

Defense attorneys argued that Simpson was in danger when she cut Frazier's throat.

Simpson said she complained to university officials that her roommate Frazier had been harassing her. She said she wanted to move out of her room to avoid conflicts with Frazier. 

Simpson testified that she was told "there were no rooms available," by officials. 

On the week of homecoming, back in September of 2011, Simpson testified that she went back into her dorm room, after being away for a while, to attend festivities. 

Simpson says she saw Frazier and her friends in the room and immediately felt uncomfortable. She testified that she was in the bathroom, getting ready for homecoming when the phone rang. 

She asked Frazier to turn down music that was playing on an iPod, so she could hear the phone. That's when Frazier and her friends became "aggressive" and started pushing Simpson and pulling her hair, Simpson said. 

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Simpson started tearing up when she testified that she broke free from the women and went to the drawer to get her inhaler, because she has asthma. She grabbed the pocket knife instead, she testified. 

After grabbing the knife: "I started swinging it, so they could stay away from me," Simpson told the courtroom and the jury.

Simpson said that's when she saw the blood start flying and saw that Frazier had been cut in the throat.

She described the scene as "chaotic." 

"I was scared. I started to panic. Foam was coming out of her mouth," Simpson said. 

She started to panic and fled the scene to head to her boyfriend's house in Mitchellville, Md. 

Simpson kept insisting that she did not mean to kill Frazier. 

The prosecution is trying to paint a much different picture of Simpson, claiming she was the one that bullied Frazier.

They brought up Simpson's Twitter account.

"I am the baddest thing at #BowieState." Also called herself "the female slayer," prosecutors showed the jurors the Tweets.

Prosecutors also said Simpson taunted Frazier, because Frazier was a lesbian. 

"You called her a dyke, didn't you?" prosecutors asked. 

Simpson clearly stated she did not recall using that word. 

Prosecutors also questioned Simpson about swinging a knife at Frazier and asking if she knew that knives are dangerous and could kill people.

"You grabbed your Gucci bag & put a knife that had blood dripping from it in your bag."

"I was hysterical, scared, didn't know what to do. I didn't want her to die," Simpson told the jury.

Simpson's defense team told 9News' Ken Molestina that Simpson plans to resume her college studies but not at Bowie State.

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