Need A Flowchart To Track David Petraeus Scandal?

11:38 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - The Petraeus plot thickens. What started as an extramarital affair has morphed into a drama of intrigue and access, with many wondering, what's next? Having trouble keeping up with who the players are?

Was it really just Friday that we found out about the affair between the very-much married, now-former CIA Director David Petraeus and his also very much-married biographer Paula Broadwell?

You may know the affair came to light after 37-year-old married Tampa mom Jill Kelley, a volunteer party planner for the military, complained to a friend, an FBI agent, that she was receiving threatening emails, reportedly from Broadwell. That started the investigation that blew the lid on the Petraeus/Broadwell affair.

But get your scorecard.

General John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan and the man who took Petraeus' place there, is now under investigation. It seems when the FBI was looking into those threatening emails, it also found 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails between Jill Kelley and Allen. Some sources say they emails are flirtatious, potentially inappropriate and may have crossed the line. Others say other than the occasional "dear" or a "sweetheart," nothing was going on between the two.

Allen's nomination to become the next commander of U.S. European Command and of NATO forces in Europe is on hold.

Allen is married. Kelley too.

In another twist, remember that FBI agent, the one who originally started looking into those threatening emails? He's apparently now being investigated for sending "shirtless" photos via email to Jill Kelley. He's now off the case.

Our last player in this drama is Jill Kelley's twin sister, Natalie Khawam. She's embroiled in a nasty child custody fight. Both Petraeus and Allen have written letters in her defense.

Back to Broadwell: FBI agents searched her North Carolina home on Monday, with her permission, and took eight to 10 boxes with them. She's isn't talking, and has laid low since the affair came to light. 

Tuesday night, she was spotted at her brother's home in Northwest D.C. Her father told the New York Daily News, "This is about something else entirely, and the truth will come out."

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