Masha Mervis of Mervis Diamonds in Washington,D.C., Loses Precious That Spans 67-Year Marriage

11:36 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -  No doubt you've heard their radio commercials. Mervis Diamonds has been a staple on radio airwaves for years. The D.C.-area diamond experts have been helping grooms put a ring on it for as long as a diamond has been forever.

But did you know that the love story behind the Mervis family almost wasn't?

Matriarch Masha Mervis sat down with WUSA9 to tell her story. The great-grandmother had escaped her native Lithuania in 1938, right before WWII. She was on a six-month visa in South Africa, escaping Nazi-rule. That's when she met Morris Mervis in a chance encounter. They had known each other from Lithuania. But one night, Morris spotted Masha's brother's car, with the family name emblazoned on the side, and the rest is history. "He followed me, and then he said he'll marry me," says Masha.

See. to go back to Lithuania, under Nazi rule meant almost certain death. So you could say Morris saved her life. They got married. Then they fell in love. They were married 67 years when Morris passed away in 2005.

Masha says she is grateful for all they had. "A loving marriage, a loving family, a well-provided, and a lifetime of joy."

Morris was the founder of Mervis Diamonds. Masha says her husband liked to update her engagement ring on special occasions. He gave her a beautiful diamond ring for their 50th anniversary and she proudly wore it every day,  until Wednesday of this week.

That's when Masha visited Comfort One Shoes in Rockville It was there that she noticed her ring was gone. She and others scoured the store, but no one could find it. "I was in such a shock," she said.

Masha says she's recently been sick, and her rings were loose. She says the diamond may have value to whoever found it, but it could never mean as much as it does to her. "I always put rings on in the morning, part of my husband, part of my life, so it's such a sentimental value, a value of a lifelong happiness," she said.

The ring is made of yellow gold, and has a center diamond and two smaller ones on the sides.

If you find it, Masha and her family would like you to email or you can tweet @ DebraAlfarone and WUSA9 will make sure she gets it.

The Mervis family are offering a reward. .

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