Military Voters in Quantico, Va.,Show Split Loyalties, Election Fatigue

12:09 AM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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QUANTICO, Va. (WUSA) --  We stopped in Quantico, Virginia in Prince William County. It's one of the places that's a battleground for votes -- military votes.

"I have always voted. All my life. I have never missed a vote," shared Mary Pishock, a military wife.

On a brisk Election Day morning in Quantico, Va., the main street is dotted with American flags.

"This decides the laws made for our great country," said Todd Seeley.

Voters in this area are passionate about casting their ballots.

"It's my American right," said Norman.

"I'm very proud. I'm proud that we served in Iraq and Afghanistan and we're fighting the war on terrorism,"  Todd Seeley added.

The population of Quantico, Virginia is just 500, but it's surrounded by the Marine Base on three sides, the Potomac River to the East.

"Soldiers are dear to my heart. I was in the military for 21 years. And soldiers are dear to my heart. I don't care what branch," said Frank, a veteran.

Even in Virginia, where patriotism soars, there is election fatigue among the troops.

Master Sgt. Norman Fertsch, who is retired, said, "Right now, it's a back-stabbing election. The trash coming out of it and it gets worse and worse and worse. My telephone answering machine is so full of that junk, I'm getting ready to throw the phone out and keep the candidates."

Traditionally, the military vote tends to lean Republican, but Tuesday, in a critical battleground, in a historically close state and presidential race, military loyalties appeared to be split.

"I'm always going to be for the man who's going to look out for my GIs. 'Cause I love a soldier," said Frank.

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