Washington Wizards Will Miss The Playoffs, Heat To Repeat As Champs

1:22 PM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
Beal and his Wizards will show improvement, but the Heat will reign supreme (US Presswire)
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Reason number 852 why I love my gig with WUSA-9: I get to write whatever I want. They trust me enough to gain web traction. And if you've read me even a little bit during my first 11 months here, you know I'm infatuated with predicting occurrences in sports.

I've got some bad news if you value you my opinion highly, and actually support the Washington Wizards: it's going to be a rough year.

Record: 34-48, 11th in the Eastern Conference.

Problems I envision: Half-court offense; defending the perimeter; an absolute logjam at the small forward and power forward positions; John Wall and his control of the game; John Wall and his supposed improved jumper; improved three-point shooting but still in the bottom 10 of the NBA; Jordan Crawford's attitude; Nene's health.

Bright spots: Trevor Booker; improved post defense; some actual depth on the roster; Bradley Beal's demeanor; interviews with Kevin Seraphin; cutaway shots of Randy Wittman and his teeth; no Andray Blatche shenanigans; the franchise will no longer be the laughing stock of the league. 

Team MVP: Bradley Beal -- I'll guess he'll post 15 points, 45 percent field goal percentage and close to five rebounds per game. His decison making for a teenager will wow fans.

Team LVP: Trevor Ariza -- ill-advised shots, problems matching up with quicker players on defense.

Scapegoat: John Wall -- by the end of the season, most Wizards pundits will agree that Wall has indeed passed the face of the franchise torch to Beal. Still, this mess is not entirely his fault.

Fan Favorite: Trevor Booker

Fan Favorite part II: Kevin Seraphin

Most Improved player: Jan Vesely

Player fans will complain about the most: Jordan Crawford

Date in which Ted Leonsis starts blogging about the bright future instead of this season: February 6th


Eastern Conference

1) Miami Heat

2) Indiana Pacers

3) Philadelphia 76ers

4) Boston Celtics

5) Chicago Bulls

6) Detroit Pistons

7) New York Knicks

8) Brooklyn Nets

Worst team: Orlando Magic

Western Conference

1) Denver Nuggets

2) San Antonio Spurs

3) Los Angeles Clippers

4) Los Angeles Lakers

5) Oklahoma City Thunder

6) Dallas Mavericks

7) Minnesota Timberwolves

8) Golden State Warriors

Worst team: Phoenix Suns

Eastern Finals: Heat over 76ers

Western Finals: Nuggets over Spurs

NBA Finals: Heat over Nuggets

MVP: LeBron James, Heat

Most Improved: JaVale McGee, Nuggets

Sixth Man: Jason Terry, Celtics

Coach of the Year: George Karl, Nuggets

Rookie of the Year: Andre Drummond, Pistons

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