Ruth Lezett Jackson Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Credit Cards From Hair Salon Customer, Using Them For Make-up, iPod Touch

4:15 PM, Oct 23, 2012   |    comments
Ruth Lezett Jackson, charged with theft in Charles County
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WALDORF, Md. (WUSA) -- A 40-year-old woman has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing credit cards to buy expensive make-up and an iPod Touch. Charles County Sheriff's Office authorities say three of the cards were found in 40-year-old Ruth Lezett Jackson's underwear.

According to authorities, on the afternoon of Oct. 10, Jackson stole a wallet from another customer's purse at a hair salon inside a department store at the St. Charles Towne Center. The customer discovered the theft when she went to pay for her haircut and alerted salon employees. 


Meanwhile, Jackson allegedly already used the cards at the department store's make-up counter. According to authorities in a press release, "When the employees at the make-up counter asked for ID, Jackson handed them the victim's driver's license but tactfully covered the victim's photo with her thumb to mask the fact that it was not her." She then left the store.

Loss prevention personnel were then on the lookout and Charles County Sheriff's officers also responded to the scene.  Interviews and record checks helped officers identify Jackson as the suspect.

A loss prevention officer at a different department store then called officers to tell them that Jackson had bought an iPod and was trying to leave the store. Officers found her as she was walking out. With her, the allegedly found one of the credit cards and a receipt showing she had bought it with that card.

When Jackson was arrested and taken to the Charles County Detention Center, a correctional officer there found three of the victim's credit cards and the victim's driver's license hidden in Jackson's underwear, say authorities.

Jackson was then charged with theft.

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