McGinty's Mailbag: The Presidential Debate, Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations

12:44 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Our Facebook page earned more than a thousand comments regarding the simple question of who won.
But our good friend Ron from Ijamsville says the debates are disgraces:

"Here are 2 men who want to lead our country at one of the most pivotal times in our nation and they are acting like high school kids. And who is telling the truth? The problem is primarily the format. It needs a drastic overall... Isn't it about time that our leaders demonstrate the same qualities and leadership skills in these discussions that we expect from our men and women who will one day lead our country?"

Well, Ron, except for the fact that these two debates have been great television. That matters because many millions of us are watching and weighting in and learning more. If you want polite power point presentations, go to your candidate's website. You wanna see him defend what he believes and think on his feet, then put him on a stage with his opponent and let them have at it. I love every crazy rude minute of it.

Then, there was this on Lance Armstrong's latest troubles. Now he's been dropped by Nike and has stepped down as head of the Livestrong organization all because of doping allegations.

Harold from Germantown says Lance is getting a raw deal:

"Where is the evidence?? ...It is a shame that in this country a person can be tried and convicted in the press and on hearsay of convicted people. I would like to see the hard direct evidence that in fact Lance took performance enhancing drugs. Shame on Nike for dropping Lance without such proof. They have just fed into the frenzy."

Harold, .I think there are two central questions. One, did Lance dope? I'm thinking the evidence that he did is a lot more overwhelming than you apparently believe. But number two: is the process of prosecuting the case against him fair? And there, I think, is room to argue.

Maybe you can do it right here in McGinty's Mailbag. The address is

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