Let's Be Real: RGIII's Run

10:41 PM, Oct 15, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON D.C. (WUSA) - Redskins tickets may become more valuable than they've been in years because of one play that  clinched that one game for the Redskins.

 It literally transformed our expectations and it has to do with my favorite sports cliché of all time: when a team is down and/or momentum is shifting the other way, some commentator will inevitably say, somebody's gotta make a play. The idea being that great players do something spectacular when the team has gotta have it.

For years, I've watched the Redskins fall into that place near the end of the game where somebody's gotta make a play. Except for our teams, playmakers, it seems, were almost always in short supply.

That's where the Skins were yesterday. Once again watching a commanding lead over the resurgent Minnesota Vikings wither away in the fourth quarter and getting that sinking feeling that perhaps once again, no one would make a play.

Then with 2:43 to go, it happened.  Let's just call it The Run--you know these things always need a nickname. The catch, the music city miracle, whatever.

So the Run. 76 yards and 6 or 7 seconds give or take for Robert Griffin the third's amazing touchdown. And suddenly Redskins fans could stop hoping and start believing .that this RG3 fellow is the real deal, that when he's playing well, there's nobody we can't beat, and that finally when the booth announcers say somebody's gotta make a play, everybody now knows that somebody wears number 10 in burgundy and gold.

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