Andrew Markoff, Andrew Arsht, champion debaters at Georgetown University, Washington,D.C., Offer Advice for candidates in vice-presidential debate

10:50 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Andrew Markoff and Andrew Arsht know a little something about debating. The juniors at Georgetown University, are not only on the school's respected debate team, but the two Andrews are champion debaters, having won the National Debate Tournament last spring. And they have some advice for Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

"They need a cohesiveness, a consistency of message between the presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates," said Arsht.

Markoff says Biden needs to focus on not messing up: " He needs to not let Paul Ryan make any jokes at his expense or sort of catch him off guard. If Joe Biden stays on his game, if he just performs and has a solid day, he will come out the favorite, I think."

And Ryan, budget expert, can't focus only on numbers, says Arsht: "That's not something that's really going to translate on the national stage. He needs to translate that technical expertise into the "relatability" that Biden has been so well known for ."

After the president's lackluster, Arsht and Markoff say were sure to see more aggression and strong body language. But what they say also matters a lot.

Arsht: "People are still listening. And the media will go nuts if something is said that is untrue or that tries to cover up the issues. And they going to be very careful about that throughout the debate on both sides."

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