Let's Be Real: Big Thanks To Good Samaritan Dave

10:38 PM, Jul 2, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - The story begins with a nasty fall in Rock Creek Park. I went down hard on a morning bike ride. And as I staggered to my feet, hip badly bruised and elbow bloodied, I realized my bike was in even worse shape. Neither wheel would roll, so I'd have to walk the mile or so back to my car.

I'm sure I made quite a sight, a guy in Spandex, bleeding profusely, limping along, carrying a bike.

So I guess I can't blame all the cars who passed me by without stopping to help, but I sure can take a moment to thank the one guy who did.

His name was Dave. That's all I know about him. That and the fact that he pulled over in his Subaru and with no hesitation threw my bike in the back and said, "Where do you need to go?"

My truck was only five minutes away, but I had the sense if it had been five miles, it would have been no problem. See, Dave was a bit like the Good Samaritan this past Sunday morning in that a whole lot of folks could have pulled over. But Dave was the one who wasn't too nervous or too busy to help a stranger.

It was just a small thing. Took him maybe five minutes. But let's be real: to the limping bleeding guy in the Spandex, it meant the world. Dave, if you're out there, I wanna say it one more time. Thank you!

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