Alexandria Lundberg's Life Changed By Unlicensed Illegal Immigrant

5:24 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)--9 Wants You To Know that this Memorial Day weekend signals the start of what's often referred to as the "100 deadliest days of the year."

Car crashes surge dramatically between now and Labor Day weekend, many of them involving impaired driving. One young woman's story may really make you think.

Alexandria Lundberg was hit by an uninsured driver who was in this country illegally. She's now struggling physically, emotionally and financially because of the decision made by a stranger.

The dramatic crash scene photos show a damaged pickup truck on the left and a destroyed sedan on the right. 

"I wouldn't wish this on anybody," said Alexandria, wiping away tears.

She was buckled into the driver's seat of the car on the right. The man who hit her head-on was drunk-more than three times the legal limit. He died instantly. Remarkably, she survived.

"I still can't do everything like a normal 20 year-old and that's really hard," said Alexandra.

The drunk driver was a 26 year-old uninsured, illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

"It will be two years this summer since that happened to me," Alexandria tells a room full of teenagers. When she speaks, they listen. She relives her pain, in hopes that others will never have to experience it.

"I broke both of my femurs, you know how hard those are to break? They're like concrete. Both of them," she tells them. "My ankle, my arm. I have scars I have to live with for the rest of my life."

Later, she tell us, "If I can change the life of one person my age and stop them from being him or being me, then it's worth it. It's worth it to go through it all over again and to see those pictures. All over again. It's worth it."

Her eyes well up with tears.

After all her pain and all her suffering, Alexandria must pay the more than $200,000 in medical bills that have piled up.

"How many of you have ever gotten drunk?" She asks the class of troubled teens this difficult question, and most raise their hands. 

Alexandria is changing lives one teenager at a time.

"How many of you have ever used drugs?" she asks. 

More hands go up in the air.

If there is a silver lining to her tragic story, it's that she met Devon Stover while she was bed-ridden. He's been at her side ever since.

The two hold hands and Alexandria leans into Devon. He kisses the top of her head. 

Alexandria tells 9 News that she now has two medical bills sitting on her desk: one for nine thousand dollars; the other for four thousand. As a working college student, she can only afford to pay about ten dollars a month on each.

Written by Andrea McCarren


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