Arlington Police Dept. Memo Details

7:34 PM, Mar 19, 2012   |    comments
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This is a portion of the memo obtained by WUSA9:



March 1, 2012

To: Patrol Division Personnel
From: Captain Henry Trumble, Patrol Commander
Captain Frantz Desamour, Patrol Commander

Subject: Proactivity expectations 2012

In an effort to maintain consistency across the Operations Division shifts, each squad has been engaged in conversations to determine the realistic goals for all officers and corporals with proactivity expectations in order to meet minimum standards. These goals have been determined based on shift averages, informal polls, and the discussions between the squads and their supervisors. It represents  what a minimally successful, proactive officer or corporal can accomplish during unobligated patrol time for a month. Unobligated Time is defined as that time in which you are not assigned to a dispatched call for service to include the completion of all required paperwork, not assigned to a directed patrol assignment or special assignment as directed by a supervisor. if circumstances or conditions change, these proactivity expectations can be modified.

These goals have been established by the officers and corporals to best ensure their success. While there is not,  not has there ever been, a quota for traffic enforcement, the numbers are indicators of activity and indicators of whether the officers and corporals are conducting enforcement pursuant to our operational directives. Everyone recognizes that there maybe circumstances or instances when these goals may not be attained for a variety of reasons. These circumstances will be evaluated by that officer's or corporal's chain-of-command. Consistently failing to attain these goals could result in disciplinary action. if any officer or corporal has any specific concerns about their proactivity or these expectations, they should discuss it with their immediate chain-of-command.

The following monthly proactivity expectations have been established:

Day shifts (A-Squad/B-Squa)

Arrests - 3, Field Observation Reports, - 3, Traffic Summons - 28 (maximum 25% warnings) Parking Citations - 15

Evening shifts (C-Squad/D-Squad)

Arrests - 7, Field Observation Reports - 5, Traffic Summons - 30 (maximum 25% warnings), Parking Citations - 5

Midnight shifts (E-Squad/F-Squad)

Arrests - 7, DUI - 1, Field Observation Reports - 3, Traffic Summons - 16 (maximum 25% warnings), Parking citations - 5.


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