McGinty's Mailbag: Outrage Over Abandoned Baby

7:41 AM, Jan 17, 2012   |    comments
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On Friday's coverage of the 30th anniversary of the crash of Air Florida Flight 90, Ford from Alexandria wants to clarify some things:

"Your broadcaster reported that snow and ice on the wings caused the crash. While snow and ice were contributing factors, it was flight crew's failure to turn on the inlet heat which limited takeoff power that doomed the flight..."

It's a good point, Ford, and though you are correct that much of our focus was on the terrible weather that day and the de-icing problems that contributed to the crash I distinctly recall Bruce Leshan asserting that not only should those pilots have used the engine heaters, but if they'd only gone up to full throttle while the plane was in the air that crash would never have happened.

Over on the WUSA 9 Facebook page, reaction was already pouring in to the story on the infant girl left out to freeze to death in Northeast DC.

Christa Chesire writes:

"This is probably the most horrible story I've heard. to be so close to a police/fire station and then leave a newborn on a concrete sidewalk is beyond the most horriblle event I've ever heard. All those who would have adopted this child would have been so grateful to have it."

And similar sentiments from Angela Ashley:

"...This person who did this could have gone to a hospital, a police or fire station and left the child if she could not care for him/her. That way, the baby would have been safe and placed into an adoptive home to loving parents. So AWFUL... May the Lord have mercy and welcome this child into His Kingdom."

And Kelly Miller spoke for many outraged at the perpetrator:

"...It makes me wonder how someone could be so cruel and ignorant! There's plenty of people out here that are unable to have children and I'm sure would have loved to take this child in as one of their own! There is no excuse for this... None what so ever! I couldn't imagine! I hope they rot in hell!"

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