Woman Battled A Rare Form Of Breast Cancer

5:49 PM, Oct 15, 2010   |    comments
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Rebecca Lipkin
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  • Rebecca Lipkin Fund
  • WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --- The birth of the Rebecca Lipkin Fund comes after the death of a courageous woman who fought a rare form of breast cancer.

    In 2009, Rebecca Lipkin, 48, died after a two-year battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer or IBC. This type of cancer is an uncommon diagnosis for breast cancer patients in the United States. Lipkin was a well-traveled  broadcast news producer for ABC News and Al Jazeera English.  

    IBC is an aggressive cancer that spreads through the body's lymph nodes. Meanwhile, IBC may escape early detection, because the cancer does not appear in regular mammograms. The illness appears as an inflamed or spreading rash on the breast.

    Lipkin's family and friends have set up the Rebecca Lipkin Fund through a partnership with Susan G. Komen For The Cure. The fund will go toward research into IBC and finding a method of detecting the cancer earlier.

    "She was so courageous...and I know she was in so much pain, and I feel so badly about that. A way that I can feel good is to know that we're raising money and that we're making a difference, " says Lipkin's older sister, Harriet.

    After her diagnosis in 2007, Lipkin decided to share her story through video diaries. 

    "She was a television producer. When she found out that she had cancer, she attacked it like she was attacking a story," says Dennis Powell, a close friend and long-time co-worker.

    Lipkin explains her cancer treatment and personal journey with her sense of humor intact. In her video, she says she is a "cancer diva,"  and her loved ones shower her with attention.

    "Becca lived life to the fullest. One thing I wondered...Was there some kind of voice in her head? Did she know that her life was going to be cut short? Because she packed more into her 48 years than I think 48 people could pack into a hundred years," says Harriet.

    The first Rebecca Lipkin Fund award ceremony honors Channel 9's morning anchor, Andrea Roane, for her work on breast cancer awareness.  

    Written by Elizabeth Jia
    9NEWS NOW & WUSA9.com


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