Youth turn to a 'designated texter' to avoid distracted driving

9:14 AM, Oct 15, 2010   |    comments
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Perri, Rachel and Gabby always use a 'designated texter'

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- Angie Goff reports there's a new trend in traffic among young people: the designated texter.

When it comes to texting while behind the wheel, Perri Eppie, a senior at American University says 'At first you want to disregard it... it's not a big deal but once you have a scare yourself you start to pay attention to it.'

Eppie learned about the dangers after a close call. It's why she's turned to a growing trend amongst friends: A designated texter.

AU junior, Rachel DeMita says a 'If one of us is driving and we get a text message we'll hand over our phone tell them what we wanna say and they'll go ahead and type it for us.'

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Gabby Flamand adds there's benefits like having someone to change the music in the car or get change for her when trying to pay a toll.

Though comparable to a 'designated driver' students say a D-T is more subtle than that. DeMita says 'It's not like your have to label somebody a designted texter- it's common knowledge.'

One things for sure- responsible texters are wanted.

Eppie recalls specific rules she gets when texting for her sister. 'She's like don't type out YOU you have to write 'U' or they know it's not from me.'

Joking aside, the ladies say stricter texting laws have more students counting on each other to stay safe.

Written by Angie Goff for 9NEWS NOW and

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