Retailers Create Innovative Promotions To Stimulate Consumer Spending

5:25 PM, Jul 21, 2010   |    comments
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STERLING, Va. (WUSA) -- "To run a business you need the money flow.  You need the money to buy inventory," says David Sun.

Sun has struggled to get a bank to loan him the money he needs to keep his convenience stores stocked.  He says he's not alone.

"Now the economy is slow.  They need help.  The reason I know, you know, is that a lot of small businesses are out of business," he says.

When the bank just says no, small business owners like David can now turn to Sam's Club for that much needed capital.

"We have about 600,000 small business owners that come and shop at our stores," says Lorne McGregor.

The Sterling, Virginia, store manager says they all can apply for a loan at Sam's Club when all other conventional routes fail.

"Small business members can get anywhere, loans from $5,000 to $25,000.  And with our economy the way it is, I think it will be a big help to them," he says.

Sam's Club is not the only retailer trying to lure shoppers into its aisles.  Office Depot is taking their deals and discounts even further.

"We're giving away $100 gift cards to customers, $500 gift cards to teachers," says store manager Mike Lerch.

Kiren Veen wanted to take advantage of the in-store sales after she scouted deals online.

She says, "They have a really good one which was spend $75 on your supplies, and get $15 off.  And they have some more which was buy one, get one free.  So, when you're shopping for two kids, it's always great if you can save some money."

Finding creative ways to save consumers money is the name of the game.

Open a Target brand credit or debit card, get 5 percent off every purchase.

Sock money away in a Toys R Us holiday fund, they'll add 3 percent to the balance.

Buy a backpack at Staples, and they'll reward you with a gift card equal to its cost.

Wednesday, American Eagle kicked off a deal where you try on some jeans and get a free smartphone.  You do have to purchase a two-year service plan.  It's an offer they're hoping shoppers just can refuse.

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