Four West Springfield Students Taken To Hospital

5:25 PM, May 13, 2010   |    comments
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SPRINGFIELD, Va.  (WUSA) --  Emergency and hazardous material crews were called to West Springfield High School around 9:30 Thursday morning for a possible overdose or chemical reaction  involving several students.  

Ambulances transported four teenage boys, ages 18, 17, 17, and 15,  to a local hospital, according to Paul Regnier, spokesperson for Fairfax County Schools

Fire officials said one of the students was transported with advanced life support because his situation was more grave, although none was experiencing life-threatening conditions. 

Within an hour, the hazmat crews determined there was no chemical in the building making students stick.   A police spokesperson said it appeared the students may have been "smoking something," and that narcotics may have been used, yet no illegal drug was found.

"It was near where the choir rehearses.   It was pretty isolated.  It wasn't around a bunch of students.  The substance is under investigation by police," said Deputy Fire Chief Dereck Baker.

But since no illegal substance was found, police said they have nothing to investigate. 

Baker said the teens would be tested for drugs, and Regnier confirmed they have the legal authority to test students suspected of doing drugs on school grounds, though he did not comment on this particular case.

A source says the four boys were smoking marijuana near the choir room.  The source says a medic told a teacher that one of the boys had a seizure, possibly due to pot that was laced with a more potent drug, or chemically-engineered.  When the one boy had the bad reaction, the others apparently called for help. 

The source says the four boys are two seniors, a junior and a sophomore and that one of the boys is the son of a pastor. 

Written by Peggy Fox

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