Ethics Review Of Council Member Vincent Orange's Actions Delaying Closure Of Rodent Infested Warehouse Reported

11:43 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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Sam Wang Produce on Morse St NE, inspectors cited 18 violations including rodents, hand washing violations, and no one certified in food safety. When we approached the warehouse, two rats ran right in front of us. The establishment passed a health department re-inspection and reopened prior to our visit. Chewed egg cartons, rodent droppings on the floor, in creates and cartons. The warehouse did not return our calls for comment.

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) - Officials at the District Board of Ethics and Government Accountability say confidentiality requirements prohibit them from confirming or denying reports that it has launched a preliminary inquiry into Councilmember Vincent Orange's intervention during a health department closure of a rodent plagued warehouse.

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The director tells WUSA9 the incident would fall into the board's jurisdiction if evidence is identified that Orange's involvement was somehow intended to benefit himself.

Click here to see Monday's report which includes the campaign contributions connecting Orange to the warehouse and video of rats running out at us from the previous week's coverage of the closure at Sam Wang.

Click here to see our photo gallery showing 20 photos from inside the warehouse the day inspectors attempted to shut it down.

For platforms that don't allow click throughs, see bottom of story for video of rats jumpint out at me and 20 photos from inside the warehouse.

The Washington Post reports unidentified District officials say the board has requested to meet with the city inspectors involved in the closure attempts at Sam Wang Produce.

Campaign finance records indicate the warehouse and people who list the warehouse address as their own have donated thousands of dollars to Orange Campaigns.

Ultimately, a deputy director at the health department ordered inspectors to return to the warehouse and shutter it as an "imminent health hazard."

Owners at Sam Wang, nor Councilmember Orange have responded to calls for comment.

Video of rats running from our cameras at warehouse and Orange's original response: 

Photos from inside Sam Wang obtained under Freedom of Information Act:


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