Restaurant Inspections Close Spots Specializing In Oxtail, Hibachi, Liquor, & Groceries - Violations Range From Mice To No Hot Water

9:52 AM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Restaurant Closures, From Mice To No Hot Water
  • A worker at Dollar Plus and Food Store orders our cameras to leave the premises.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)  - Citations ranging from mice droppings near the sushi to operating without hot water at a store are among violations documented in health department closure reports.

Click the video or photo gallery section to see one worker throw our cameras out and other images, including our search for signs of mice behind the kitchen doors of a hibachi restaurant.

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Popular Japanese restaurant cited for rodent infestation

The Prince George's County Health Department temporarily closed Fuji Mountain Steak House on Branch Ave. in Temple Hills.

Inspectors cited a rodent infestation.

"Rodent droppings observed on top of four container covers of bulk food - salt, sugar, cornstarch, flour, cabinet in sushi area," an inspection report stated. "Inspection is follow-up to determine compliance of rodent activities.

The restaurant has good reviews online and customers told us the food is very good.

In addition to calling in an exterminator, health department officials ordered Fuji Mountain to sanitize shelving and bulk food containers, clean the sushi area, and close openings in walls and ceilings.

The restaurant's manager allowed in our cameras, showed us sealants placed on doors and a kitchen that appeared in good order.

During our visit, we searched corners, floors, and behind equipment. We found no signs of mice at Fuji Mountain.

Grocery store worker throws our cameras out

In an on-camera confrontation on Benning Rd. SE, at Dollar Plus and Food Store, a worker ordered our cameras out and didn't allow us to see steps taken to comply with sanitation regulations after a closure there.

Inspectors shut Dollar Plus and Food Store reporting unsanitary conditions ranging from no hot water to no one in the store trained in food safety.

Restaurant inspectors close liquor store

The same sanitation rules that apply to restaurants and that shut down Dollar Plus and Food Store also apply to liquor stores that handle food.

At Chat's Liquor on Barracks Row, inspectors suspended their license for operating without hot water.

Chat's did not allow us to check the water temperature during our visit and the owner did not contact us as we requested.

Restaurant known for oxtail closed for sanitation violations

At Turntable Restaurant on Georgia Ave. NW, workers did allow us into their kitchen after a sanitation closure order there.

Inspectors cited Turntable, known for Jamaican style oxtails and other specialties from the West Indies, for a dirty refrigerator, food without expiration dates, no food safety manager, and no hot water.

They showed us the a sink steaming with hot water, a cleaned kitchen, and proof that a certified food safety manager was on duty during our visit.

All the establishments passed re-inspections from and are back in business.

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